Ang Lee isn’t a gay man, but as the pitchline goes, he plays one at the movies.

Lee’s first American hit, The Wedding Banquet, told the story of a gay American-Taiwanese couple who fool one’s parents into thinking they are straight. He of course made Brokeback Mountain (no introduction necessary) and the recent Taking Woodstock, where the lead, we unexpectedly learn, is gay and in the closet … until he comes out.

The University of Texas at Dallas, Southern Methodist University and the Crow Collection of Asian Art are joining forces this weekend — beginning tonight — for a film fest that focuses on Lee’s major themes, including homosexuality.

It kicks off tonightat UT-Dallas with a screening of Pushing Hands at 7 p.m., then The Wedding Banquet screens at SMU Friday at 7; Eat Drink Man Woman plat at the Crow Collection Friday.cheat-na-dengiнаполнение сайта контентом цена