Mayor Annise Parker

To be sure, Houston Mayor Annise Parker is an LGBT hero. She’s the first openly gay person elected mayor of a top 10 U.S. city, and she was an LGBT activist long before she became a politician.

But that doesn’t mean Parker is perfect, and today she screwed up.

Perhaps this was one of those times when Parker should have just said, “No comment.” Instead, when asked by the Houston Chronicle, Parker reportedly chose to weigh in on Gov. Rick Perry’s “Day of Prayer,” funded by the American Family Association, an anti-gay hate group. From the Chronicle’s post:

When asked if she considered the AFA holding an event in her city an insult, she said, “No, I’m glad to have anybody’s dollars coming to the city of Houston. They can come back on a monthly basis if they’d like as long as they spend money.”

Really? This event is absolutely an insult to Parker and the entire LGBT community. The AFA not only believes that openly gay people like Parker should be barred from holding public office; they think we should all be thrown in jail.

But that’s OK because they’re spending money in Houston? This implies that hate is acceptable as long as it’s profitable, and Parker’s statement — though maybe a little tongue-in-cheek — seems to be at odds with the position of the Houston GLBT Political Caucus, which she once led:

“We encourage all members of the GLBT community and those others who support equality and oppose hate to stand by our side in condemning this reprehensible act by Governor Perry and demand he exclude AFA from this event,” the caucus said in a statement Tuesday.