TIMBERLAKE-BEENE | Ron Timberlake and Tom Beene will celebrate their 35th anniversary Monday, Aug. 15. They were married in Vancouver, B.C., five years ago on their 30th anniversary. After 20 years as owners of Silver Tray Catering Inc., they are both now semi-retired. Timberlake still works part time as a caregiver, and Beene works with Leland’s Gold and Diamonds, helping the company coordinate its gold drop program as a fundraiser for churches and charities.
MARTIN-STRONG | Lee Martin and James Strong will celebrate their 30th anniversary on Tuesday, Aug. 16. Martin and Strong both moved to Dallas in July 1976, and then met each other the next month, on Aug. 16 which was Martin’s 50th birthday, at a bar called The Sundance Kid. The two knew right away they had found their perfect match, so when Martin asked Strong to move in with him, Strong agreed immediately. While Strong was unpacking his belongings, the two men noticed that they had shoes and shirts that matched, and from that day on, they have worn matching outfits.