Okay. I have spoken by phone with someone who was there. He stressed that he did not know the whole story. He said he was on the patio, and when he noticed that the music had stopped he went inside. That’s when he saw at least one office wearing a “ninja” mask.

He said officers were not being violent in any way that he saw; they were just standing around, waiting on people to clear out of the bar. He also said he had heard the bar was shut down after an underage person working undecover being served a drink.

He took a photo with his cell phone and sent it to me, but it’s not really clear enough for you to see what’s going on.

From what I have heard, there was at least one officer in the bar wearing a mask. But I don’t think that is all that unusual whenever you have officers who work undercover.оптимизация яндексраскрутить сайт в поисковиках недорого