According to the Human Rights Campaign, the above ad appeared in The Lakelander in Whitney. The ad was taken out by Kaddatz Equipment, a Hillsboro-based auction and farm equipment company. Below is the full text of the ad. Note that we’ve bolded the contact information.

How Can We Stop Perversion?

Periodically, ads are run listing companies to boycott because of their support of perversion.

You can affect these companies bottom line by doing business with someone else.

The Human Rights Campaign is a group supporting perversion. They use the equal sign – as their trademark, if you see this sign on a vehicle, they are supporting the homosexual agenda which includes:

1. Marriage between Adam & Steve

2. Getting into our schools to teach students that perversion is normal

3. Getting businesses to support their immoral lifestyle

We can provide you a list of companies to boycott. Call 254-582-3000 or email

Pray that these people will repent and receive Christ as Savior.