Covington, Kentucky has seen a sudden increase in anti-gay crimes over the last couple of months. Members of the gay community have been called gay slurs and, even worse, beaten and stabbed.

Three days days ago, residents found anti-gay fliers plastered all over the MainStrasse neighborhood, home to many in the gays and lesbians. The fliers were loaded with hateful language calling gay people a "parade of perverts" and claiming they suffer from a "mental disorder."

A hateful white supremacy group called National Alliance was listed as a contact on the fliers but the organization has denied any involvement. Still a local rep named Robert Ransdel did say he does share the same beliefs.

Said Ransdel: "I think as a whole, as a society, people are getting very kind of exasperated by the continued pushing of this unnatural behavior. Unfortunately, there's some among us who can't channel that toward constructive efforts and unfortunately do lash out."

But how do you go about ridding the city of it's homophobia when even members of the police force are anti-gay? According to Cincinnatti.com, some residents have also accused the police of unfairly harassing members of the gay community.

Covington police Lieutenant had this to say about the fliers: "The remarks in here are disparaging to say the least, insulting, and that's why we're taking this so seriously.

Further proof that anti-gay sentiments are a big problem in the city: Click here to watch as drivers shout anti-gay slurs at a gay man being interviewed by a local news station.

Zero Tolerance For Hate Crimes in Covington, which was created in response to the attacks, will hold an event tonight to call attention to the crimes.

Watch a news report from the local Covington ABC affiliate, AFTER THE JUMP.

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