So, I’m not sure what to say about a conference at the Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth. Yes, we knew about the conference ahead of time. No, we didn’t think it was worth giving these bigots extra publicity.

But wow — they opened their conference with the gayest performance they could find among their “straight” participants.

From reports on the conference, they spent much time worrying about defeating “the gay agenda,” because if they didn’t, pedophilia was going to run rampant. Oh, and they endorsed accused child molester Roy Moore for Senate.

Among the participants was Pastor Stephen Broden. He’s the guy who ran for the U.S. House against Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson a few years ago. The Dallas Morning News endorsed him and then had to withdraw their endorsement when he said that if he didn’t win, “armed insurrection wasn’t off the table.” Oops. Broden, by the way, came to the conference “straight” from Alabama, where he’d gone to lend his support to Moore.

Texas Observer got pictures of some of the signs found at the conference including, “No anal sex taught in schools thanks.” Damn. All those anal sex models will be out of a job.

Another sign reads “Women make lousy dads.” We really hate bringing up the studies, but this kind of anti-LGBT crap challenged universities around the country to run studies and every study — EVERY STUDY — shows that kids with two moms do best. Then comes kids with two dads. And running close behind same-sex couples are straight couples. I hate to keep having to remind my straight friends that they just aren’t as good at parenting as we are, so stop with the “women make lousy dads signs,” because I really like lots of straight parents I know a lot. 

The headliner at the conference was David Pickup. He’s a California ex-gay therapist who was run out of California when they made practicing discredited therapies illegal for licensed therapists. So he moved to Texas where he’s taking people’s money to turn gays and lesbians into … well the guy who opened the conference with his gay flag routine.

— David Taffet