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Tomorrow is Census Day. Remember to return your census forms. If you are in a relationship, mark either married or unmarried partner to be counted as a same-sex couple.

To celebrate Census Day, here’s a history of the census figures in Dallas with a Dallas timeline to put the population numbers into some perspective.

Population of the city of Dallas

1841 Dallas founded by John Neely Bryan. (His log cabin is downtown). Population: 1

1849: Dallas Snag (later renamed Dallas Herald) begins publishing

1850 Population 163

1850: Town of Dallas selected county seat of Dallas County

1856: Dallas incorporated as a city

1860 Population 678

1867: First church built in Dallas (by Disciples of Christ)

1870 Population about 3,000

This number comes from several sources but I cannot find why an actual census was not taken in Dallas in 1870.

1872: Sanger Brothers opened first store

1880 Population 10,385

1885: Dallas Morning News begins publishing

1890 Population 38,067

Only time Dallas ranked as the most populous city in Texas

1892: Old Red completed

1894: Parkland Hospital opens on Maple Ave at Oak Lawn.

1900 Population 42,638

1903: Oak Lawn Park (now Lee Park) opened

1904: City of Oak Cliff annexed

1907: Neiman Marcus opened

1909: White Rock Park acquired. Lake created a year later

1910 Population 92,104

Total city area 18.31 square miles. Today Dallas is 385 square miles.

1912: Houston Street Viaduct, “the longest concrete bridge in the world,” opened

1912: Dallas Zoo opened

1915: Reverchon Park opened

1915: SMU opened

1916: Union Terminal opened

1917: Love Field opened

1920 Population 158,976

Dallas ranked as the 42nd largest city in the U.S. (number 8 today)

1921: WRR, the first municipal radio station in the U.S., began broadcasting

1924: Melrose Hotel built

1929: Town of Cedar Springs annexed by Dallas

1930 Population 260,475

1932: First paved runway at Love Field opened

1939: Farmers Market established

1934: The flying red horse erected over Magnolia Building

1936: Texas Centennial Exposition held in Fair Park

1940 Population 294,734

1946: Dr. Pepper plant opened on Mockingbird Lane (where a Kroger now stands)

1947: Construction begins on Central Expressway

1950 Population 434,462

1952: Big Tex first appeared at the State Fair

1955: Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Kalita Humphreys Theater built

1960 Population 679,684

1960: Dallas Cowboys formed

1963: Assassination of President John F. Kennedy

1970 Population 844,401

1970: Cathedral of Hope formed

1972: First Pride parade held

1978: TV show “Dallas” first airs

1974: DFW Airport opened

1977: Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance formed

1980 Population 904,078

1980: Dallas Mavericks formed

1983: Dallas Voice begins publishing

1990 Population 1,006,877

1991: Gay and Lesbian Community Center opens on Reagan Street

1999: Katy Trail opened

2000 Population 1,188,580

2010: Population estimate 1,306,350

Return your census forms by April 1 so we can get an actual count

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