Gov. Jan Brewer, Arizona’s chief prick


A federal judge issued an emergency order requiring Arizona to recognize the California marriage of Green Valley couple Fred McQuire and George Martinez., according to the Arizona Republic. Martinez died of pancreatic cancer last month.


I know how much marriage-equality opponents hate to be called bigots, so I won’t do that. But in the case of George Martinez, Arizona officials battling recognizing his marriage and 45-year relationship with Fred McQuire are just being a bunch of pricks.

Martinez’s final wish, as he battled cancer, was to marry his partner of forty-five years, Fred McQuire. Martinez passed away two weeks ago leaving McQuire a legal battle in their home state over Arizona’s ban on gay marriage. The state is not allowing McQuire to list himself as the spouse of Martinez’s death certificate, putting funeral plans on hold for Martinez who is a Vietnam War veteran.

A judge will hear arguments today over whether McQuire’s marriage in July to Martinez in the state of California, is valid in Arizona. U.S. District Judge John Sedwick also will consider McQuire’s request to allow a death certificate that identifies McQuire as the surviving spouse.