After reviewing the evidence of two vandalism sprees this week in Arlington and Grand Prairie, police don’t believe they are related.

The first spree occurred early Sunday morning with 10 residences in the 1100 block of Crowley Road defaced with hateful words and crude images, Arlington police spokeswoman Tiara Richard said. The words “faggot” and “queers” were also spray-painted on a lesbian couple’s car. While Richard said it “looks like a hate crime,” police aren’t calling it a hate crime yet until they complete their investigation and identify a motive.

Then on Tuesday, Grand Prairie received 10 reports from residents in the 900 block of Furlong Drive and 2700 block of Triple Crown Lane. Many of the images were penises, GD detective Lyle Gensler said. Because the Arlington incidents had just occurred and penises were used in both cases, he said police thought they could be linked and would compare the images.

Richard told Instant Tea Friday that “based on the evidence, it does not appear that these cases are connected.”

Gensler said it was most likely teenagers who committed the Grand Prairie vandalism, but Arlington PD hasn’t elaborated on the leads it is pursuing.

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