I’ll have more on this in Friday’s Voice, but in the interest of public safety I thought I’d mention here that an armed robber(s) is on the loose in Oak Lawn, kidnapping people at gunpoint and forcing them to withdrawal money from ATMs. I’m working to get additional details from Dallas police, but the man reportedly cases parking lots and catches people while they’re preoccupied or distracted. He’s also becoming more brazen by the day. This represents yet another spree of violent crimes in what is already the city’s third-most-dangerous area, which also happens to be its traditional gay neighborhood. Coincidence? I’ll let you make that call, lest I be labeled a conspiracy theorist. You can read more from WFAA by going here. Also, here are some safety tips distributed to neighbors yesterday by Dallas City Plan Commissioner Neil Emmons, who lives right near where one of the robberies occurred:

  • Be extra aware of our surroundings.
  • Walk in pairs. Walk with loud whistles around your necks.
  • Walk with cell phones and call 911 immediately upon notice of ANYTHING out of the ordinary. Begin the call with your EXACT LOCATION in case the call is terminated early. More calls = more police coverage for our neighborhood.

UPDATE: According to Senior Cpl. Gerardo Monreal, a spokesman for DPD, the main suspect is described as a black male, age 25 to 30, 6 feet to 6 feet 3 inches tall, and 170 to 200 pounds. He is clean shaven and dressed neatly in casual attire. Also, the number of attacks that are believed to be linked has now grown to seven, stretching from the most recent one on Oct. 10 all the way back to mid-August. куда разместить рекламу