Scott Cannon

A Duncanville city councilman who’s been arrested three times for public sex with other men remains on the May ballot and has tried to participate in city business despite his announced resignation last month.

Councilman Scott Cannon, 58, announced that he was resigning after he was arrested by Dallas police March 8 on a charge of indecent exposure. He was picked up with four other men at King Spa on Royal Lane in Dallas. That facility is a day spa with a Korean restaurant.

Although his resignation was “effective immediately,” Texas law states that a public official continues in office until replaced.

Cannon remains on the ballot for the May 12 municipal election and he recently tried to participate in a meeting despite his resignation, according to The Dallas Morning News (subscription only). He was prevented from participating when the council voted to postpone the meeting. He is not actively campaigning and returned campaign contributions, but he remains popular and could be re-elected.

Cannon was arrested two other times on public lewdness charges 30 years ago. Both of those cases involved his having sex with men in a public place. Once was at Paris Adult Theater on Harry Hines Boulevard, The DMN reports. That case was dismissed, but six months later he was arrested for having sex in a restroom at Tenison Park in East Dallas. He pleaded guilty, paid a fine and received probation.

Cannon is married with three children and four grandchildren.

His current case is set for hearing on May 4, the week before the election.

Duncanville is a suburb just south of Dallas.