By Rich Lopez

Eclectic galleries prove everyone can own an original piece of art

Artisan Style keeps their works affordable by working mostly with local artists. (Photo by Arnold Wayne Jones.)

Gone are the days when only those in a higher tax bracket could afford that snazzy piece of original art adorning the top of the fireplace. Two local galleries — one new, one a bit more seasoned — have moved beyond the idea of unreachable art by focusing on local artists. And people from tiny studio apartments to McMansions are collecting art more and more.

"We opened to create an environment to essentially remove the notion of art as luxury," Brandon Lynch of Artisan Style gallery says.

By featuring works from local and emerging artists, he’s able to maintain prices in a sensible range.

"Yes, the art is affordable but it’s about environments as well. The average customer may have a new home or apartment and wants to add something," Lynch says.

Five years ago, Kettle Art opened in Deep Ellum with the same philosophy under the direction of artistic director Frank Campagna. And they don’t get much hipper than this. Campagna and company work to expand the scope of Dallas art and sell it for cheap.

"We prefer showing local talent to nurture and encourage our regional culture. Simply put, if you’re serious about your art, drop by and show us what you’re up to," Campagna says.

In February, Kettle hosted For the Love of Kettle featuring more than 100 artists’ work, all priced at $50. Before the doors opened, a crowd had formed outside waiting to get in and purchase.

"It’s more than just the cost. It’s work from some of the best artists in town," Campagna says. "We’ve been fortunate to fill a gap that offers regional talent a place to show and supports our local scene. We carry plenty of reasonably priced, quality art, and there’s a good possibility that you’ll meet the artist you purchase."

Lynch reminds though, that galleries also want to move the art fast and most will work with buyers.

"We have payment plans so why would you want a print from, say, Michael’s when you can get something unique for a just a bit more money," he asks.

More money?

"Well, a bit more, yeah. Remember, the artist has to make a living."

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