CapitolOn my Facebook page, I asked friends to stop sending me articles written by out-of-state pundits about what’s going on in the Texas Legislature. They don’t understand how the our legislature works.

Here’s an example of a New York writer who has no clue what’s going on behind the scenes this week in the Texas Capitol:

“Any of the more than 20 anti-LGBT bills that get out of committee in either legislative chamber — and a few have — will easily pass in the Republican-dominated conservative legislature and be signed into law by GOP Gov. Greg Abbott,” Michangelo Signorile wrote in Huffington Post yesterday (Wednesday, May 13). That story was the bold banner headline in the Gay Voices section.

Actually, one bill got out of committee and onto the House agenda. Several got committee hearings. A few passed out of committee. One made it to the House floor. ONE.

The other 20 are dead. D-E-A-D.

That one bill that made it to the House floor must pass by tonight or it, too, is D-E-A-D dead. After that, we need to watch out for insidious amendments.

Rep. Celia Israel, backed by the entire Democratic caucus, is trying to kill HB 4105. Equality Texas and former Rep. Glenn Maxey are working closely with her today. They’ll use a number of maneuvers and tactics. No need to tip anyone’s hand. But the idea that any bill that gets out of committee will “easily pass in the Republican-dominated conservative legislature” is nonsense.

If that bill passes, it will only be after as much effort on the part of LGBT opponents as the work being done by LGBT advocates.

And if the law passes, it’s so unconstitutional, it will never go into effect.

The law attempts to protect Texas from having to obey a ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court. Well, if you have to throw out some red meat to the tea party, you might as well toss them this one — the most outrageous bill they could come up with, even if it’s completely illegal.

If it comes to this, the question that the Supreme Court will hear will be whether a state can opt out of a Supreme Court ruling by simply passing a law. The LGBT-rights issue behind it won’t even be a factor.

Signorile concludes his story by saying, “What we have in Texas is a five-alarm fire ready to engulf its LGBT citizens and threaten their rights for years to come.”

In Texas, we’re even more anxious about the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage than people in 37 marriage equality states — but wow. I’m about to be engulfed in flames, huh? Maybe Obama should invade the state and put us under U.S. law.