Over at Slate, Dave Weigel has recapped last night’s GOProud party at CPAC, which sported an open bar sponsored by the Poker Players Alliance, a group that lobbies lawmakers for the legalization of internet gambling. I don’t recall having seen online poker on GOProud’s 2011 agenda, but whatevs, because this is the best part of Weigel’s review:

A word about Sophie B. Hawkins. Michael Steele, who was chairman of the RNC until last month, showed up at the party and stayed a while. Right before I showed up, in an exchange witnessed by several people who described it to me, Steele met Hawkins. She explained her political philosophy to him. “I’m not a conservative,” said Hawkins, “but I’d like to fuck Sarah Palin.” Steele reacted quickly. “Well, she’s very attractive,” he said.

How about it, ladies? Could you?

Joe. My. God.