announced that as of today, it will discontinue part of its “adult” content which was characterized by some critics as little more than online prostitution. Some people now sniff at the puritanism of the reaction. But gay adult entrepreneur David Forest sees it differently.

“It has been a thorn in my side,” Forest told, an online gay sex site. “Even my best client will cruise through the [Craigslist] erotic services ads since it’s a known fact that there are some very hot guys that just post an ‘occasional’ ad there.”

Forest used to be known primarily as an agent for gay porn performers, but has transitioned into “ForestMeetings,” in which he basically sets up, ummm, “dates” between gay male escorts and horny men. He proudly accepts the label “male madam.”

So, there are SOME in the gay community who are glad Craigslist is toning it down — even if for personal monetary motives. I’m cool with that.сайтпродвижение москва