DallasPoliceDepartmentA gay man, 26, was approached at about 1:30 a.m. on Sunday morning under the Tollway bridge that crosses Wycliff Avenue. He had just left The Brick when he was approached by a man holding a crowbar.

He dropped to the ground and curled up in a fetal position and the potential attacker fled. The man made it home several blocks away and filed a police report. Other attack victims who could identify a weapon said they were attacked by a man or men carrying a bat. Lighting on the sidewalk under the Tollway bridge is poor.

District Attorney Susan Hawk, speaking to a crowd at Cathedral of Hope on Monday evening, called the man’s evasive maneuver brilliant.

This is the 13th reported attack on gay men in Oak Lawn that police are investigating since the Sept. 19 Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade. Although he avoided any injury, police investigating the crime called this an attack rather than just a threat or an voided attack.