David attacks protester

This morning (Tuesday, June 30), I saw my picture in the Dallas Morning News. The caption read: “An unidentified woman (right) who heckled the news conference was chased away.”

Here’s the rest of the story:

The woman in the photo did “heckle” the speakers at the press conference. After some of us got her to calm her down and move her to where we could talk, I asked the woman what the problem was. She said she wasn’t protesting LGBT rights. She just needed some access to social services and had been turned away everywhere she went. She didn’t know how else to get some attention and some help.

I assured her she had my attention. I got her contact info and passed it along to County Commissioner Theresa Daniel’s office (thank you Erin Moore).

I alkso gave her my contact information and told her to let me know if she didn’t get the help she needs, assuring her that everyone at the press conference knows I can be a pain in the ass, and I will be a pain in the ass if that’s what it takes to get her some help.