"All Bear, All Day" Saturday on the Discovery Channel, but not this kind of bear
It’s “All Bear, All Day” Saturday on The Discovery Channel. But not this kind of bear

I am on an e-mail list for the Discovery Channel and so I get e-mails frequently for programs and specials in the Discovery Channel line-up.

Today, I got one with a subject line that made me think there are plenty of men in our community who will be glued to their televisions this weekend. It said: “Saturday: All Bear, All Day.”

Of course, I was pretty sure from the beginning it wasn’t actually a full day of programs about large, hirsute men. But when I clicked on the link, I discovered it wasn’t even about large, hirsute animals that sleep all winter.

Apparently, the nickname of the host for Discovery Channel’s “Man vs. Wild” is Bear, and the e-mail is promoting a day-long marathon of that program.

Oh well, too bad for the bear lovers (of all types), but I guess it’s good news for those who like that program.mega-nakrutkaкак самостоятельно оптимизировать сайт для поиска