StachwoskiBuffalo, New York’s Sen. Bill Stachowski is none to happy with those pro-equality activists who he helped to deprive of a principled civil gain:

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*AUDIO SOURCE: Bill Stachowski robocall [Fight Back NY]

Yep, marriage equality is, undeniably, one issue. But with it, come a whole host of other matters. About respect. About church/state separation. Equal protection under the law. Basic fairness. Democratic values. And in a state where same-sex marriages are cognized but not performed: The economic impact of forcing destination weddings upon the Empire State’s gay residents.

And considering this writer personally knows at least three Fight Back NY officials who are New Yorkers directly affected by the state’s marriage law, this “out of state” claim is falling on deaf ears. Not to mention that legislative bias in a state that has a reputation for progress and freedom is a notion that affects the entire nation. The entire world.

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