A gay student was barred from running for prom queen at Lehman High School in Kyle, just south of Austin.

The administration said that allowing a male to run would discriminate against women if males won both prom king and queen.

Coy Villasenor is identified in a story from Fox affiliate KTBC in Austin as gay.

“I wear foundation, I fill in my eyebrows, I take care of myself how a female should and I mean the king’s title is more masculine and the queen is someone who rules with a gentle hand and that’s how I am,” Villasenor told Fox.

And he wanted to run for queen, but school officials put him in the king category.

“She told me I would have to be identified as a transgender on my driver’s license and have a history of wearing women’s clothes,” Villasenor told the Hays Free Press.

Transgender is not a category on Texas driver’s licenses.

According to the Hays County newspaper, Villasenor lost the election at the prom on Saturday but he said he was happy with the results because a friend of his who supported him became prom queen.

Watch the report below.