Suzanne Bryant, right

In the regular legislative session, HB 3859 passed, allowing Texas adoption agencies to discriminate against LGBT people who want to be foster parents or adoptive parents because of the agency’s religious beliefs.

Suzanne Bryant is an Austin attorney who specializes in adoptions and is looking for Texans who have been harmed by the law. Here are examples of whom she’s looking for:

• someone who has already experienced discrimination when they inquired about foster/adopt with a religiously based agency.

• someone who wants to apply to be a foster/adoptive parent but is discouraged because of the new law.

• someone who lives in a part of Texas where all the foster/adoption agencies are religiously based, making it difficult for them to attend the required classes.

• someone who is already licensed as foster/adoptive parents and has experienced discrimination (or is afraid the they will).

• LGBT children/youth who are in the foster/adopt system who may have been harmed by this law.

• Another scenario that I have not even thought of but shows how the law harms our families.

If you or someone you know can tell one of these stories, please contact Bryant at 512-476-4760.