Norma McCorvey

Joshua Prager, a journalist and author in New York City, is working on a book about the Roe v. Wade case and plaintiff Norma McCorvey, who went by the legal pseudonym “Jane Doe.” McCorvey lived in Dallas and worked at gay bars in the years prior to the landmark 1973 Supreme Court ruling that overturned state anti-abortion laws.

“If you knew her, I would love to talk to you,” Prager said. “According to her book I Am Roe, Norma worked at three gay bars in Dallas (The White Carriage, Roadrunner and Sultan’s Harem) in the years before the landmark 1973 ruling. After the ruling, for many years, she lived in Dallas with her partner Connie Gonzales and worked for the rights of women. (Norma is now in a different place. She became a born again Christian and renounced the pro-choice movement.)”

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