A few weeks ago we told you about a tenant who claimed he was threatened with eviction for complaining to management about a leaky roof at the Chevelle Apartments.

Before that, there was this WFAA report last summer about the A/C being out for several days at Chevelle, which is in the heart of Oak Lawn at 2607 Throckmorton.

Now, tenant Stephanie Cook tells KDAF that her apartment has become “dangerously” hot again. But wait, it’s only February. Yes, but it’s warm outside, and the complex has a chilled-water system, which means tenants can’t control the temperature in their units. And they’re afraid to open the windows due to the threat of burglary.

The owner of the complex, Jack Gian, says he has no plans to turn on the A/C anytime soon and is “in shock” over the complaints: “You can’t just flip a switch,” Gian says. “I mean out here it is probably 65 degrees, 70 degrees. It’s wonderful. Maybe their units are a little stuffier than the outside. They should open windows. They should get in the habit of letting the fresh air in. You don’t control your own thermostat, to get what you want when you want. That’s one of the things they’ve got to give up when they move into a property like this.”