Bowling Green, Ohio residents will be voting on two right-wing initiatives to repeal two ordinances on basic equality on November 2nd. The ordinances are about the most basic non-discrimination in employment, public accommodation and housing. But, even that is too much for the haters. In case you had any doubt about who is behind this hateful effort, none other than Matt “Bam Bam” Barber was in Bowling Green this week to campaign for the repeal. You can count on Barber to show up almost anywhere where gay issues are under discussion. He’s quite an authority. So, of course, he was in Bowling Green to scare voters with his usual mix of homophobia and falsehoods:

Matt Barber, a conservative commentator and author with the Liberty Council in Lynchburg, Virginia, says he fears supporters of the ordinances are inventing reasons to push for a larger agenda.

In fact, he says it is an “attempt to achieve federal government sanctioning of the homosexual and cross-dressing lifestyles as a special minority class.”

And some local opponents at the meeting went so far as to say they think children could be harmed if the ordinances pass.

‘We think it would be an open door to allow pedophiles [and] other people that shouldn’t be in the schools to go in there,” said one man.

The campaign to prevent repeal is being led by One Bowling Green. Their message is: Don’t be fooled by the lies and deception.

When Bam Bam and his ilk are on the scene, there’s nothing but lies and deception.

There are lots of places where candidates who support equality are on the ballot. But, in Bowling Green, basic equality is up for a vote. Help One Bowling Green beat Bam Bam and the haters.