White nationalist and presidential advisor Steve Bannon

Well, it took long enough but Steve Bannon has finally been removed from the National Security Council, a post he never had any business whatsoever holding in the first place.

Trump appointed his racist buddy — the former head of the white nationalist “alt-right” so-called media outlet Brietbart News who also served as chief executive of Trump’s presidential campaign and was then named chief White House strategist after the election — in January, move that pissed off Democrats and Republicans alike.

Bannon’s removal from the council comes as part of a “reorganization” that will give Trump’s Homeland Security advisor Tom Bossert a smaller role on the council, return the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and director of national intelligence, who had their roles downgraded in January, to their rightful places on the council and give National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster power to set the agenda for council meetings, according to the Financial Times.

Financial Times also points out that these changes are all part of the “shake-up” happening since former national security advisor Michael Flynn resigned after his links to Russia were made public.

Now let’s get Bannon — and his boss — out of the White House completely.