The Rev. Joe Sullivan

The Rev. Joe Sullivan, a Baptist minister, has been performing mass weddings on Valentine’s Day on the steps of the Bexar County Courthouse since 1989. After his remarks about same-sex couples this year, he may no longer be welcome, according to the San Antonio Express-News.

After receiving complaints from same-sex couples about the way Sullivan referred to them as repulsive and compared them to animals, County Judge Nelson Wolff called for the county to re-examine Sullivan’s participation in the annual event.

QSanAntonio reported on Valentines Day that Sullivan made disparaging remarks about the same-sex couples but had peculiar views about opposite-sex couples as well.

The LGBT site had this report from activist Julie Pousson who was at the San Antonio mass wedding:

“Minister Joe Sullivan said that our couples were there ‘solely to be repulsive,’ and he threatened them with acts of vengeance on the part of God if they did not leave the courthouse steps. Our beautiful couples stood their ground for more than five minutes of hate speech and contradictory logic from the good minister before he finally relented and performed the wedding. During his sermon, he told new wives to get up at 2 a.m. and bake lemon pies for their husbands, if that’s what they ask for. He told the men to buy their wives new cars if they ask for them . . . demonstrating that his bigotry is as wide as it is deep. This man does not represent our beautiful city. He does not represent any loving God.”

After the jump, video from the mass wedding ceremony: