Here’s a different report about the Capitol Crossroads Gay Rodeo Association’s recent party that includes some comments from a CCGRA spokeswoman and some more details about what was actually going on.

It turns out that the men “dancing naked” were competing in a “bare buns contest,” and the CCGRA spokeswoman says they were wearing jockstraps and there was no frontal nudity. It also turns out that the event was a fundraiser for the Shriners Hospital.

Both news reports include the video shot by the outraged dad — who by the way thinks men dancing around bare-assed in chaps is pornography — and both “creatively” block any actual nudity that might be shown. One places red splotches over the dancing men’s “down there” areas, and the other actually blurs the whole screen. I mean, why even bother putting the video online if you are going make it so nothing is visible.

Anyway, because of the censoring, it’s impossible to look at the clip and decipher whether there was frontal nudity or not.seo оптимизация сайта стоимость