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‘Buy-sexual’ porn stud tells Stern that client list includes pro-footballer

GOING LONG: Barrett says his escorting rates start at $600 for two hours.

On Monday, satellite radio host Howard Stern interrogated porn star Barrett Long about his sexual identity. Long (not his birth name) stopped by to explain how he balances heterosexuality while working as a gay adult-video star. (Long was also showing off a new product — a latex mold of his 11-inch imposing physique.)

Long says he’s "buy-sexual" and works in same-sex erotica strictly for the moolah.

According to, Barrett said he was broke, fresh out of jail (drug charges) and desperate: "I was working at a debt consolidation company for 50 hours a week …. I wanted to blow my brains out …. I knew I was meant for greater things."

Long had been working with Falcon Studios and All Worlds Video but recently started his own production company. He also escorts, saying he charges $400 for the first hour and $200 for each additional hour — with a two-hour minimum.

Then he mentioned that he has an impressive client list, which included a member of the Dallas Cowboys.

Stern sidekick Artie Lang started throwing out names: Tony Romo? Emmitt Smith? Michael Irvin?

Long didn’t name names.

He also added that escorting is stressful, and to alleviate the pressure, he smokes marijuana. "But only on days that end in Y."

Mason Wyler — racist?

Dallas adult video star Mason Wyler is like the Courtney Love of gay porn.
He just keeps giving — fanciful rape allegations, sex sweepstakes and refunding his disappointed fans.

On Monday, Wyler posted an entry on titled "Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist," which is actually a nod to the "Avenue Q" songbook.

He says was swimming at a gym and decided to hit the dry sauna where he encountered, "Two fully clothed, rotund black men … One was dressed in a purple sweat suit while the other seemed to be wearing a work uniform. From what I could hear of their conversation, I gathered that they were under the impression that simply causing their bodies to perspire would get rid of their excessive fat."

When the Speedo-clad Wyler sat down, the one in the sweat suit asked, "Are you a faggot, son?"

Wyler responded, "If you are asking me if I am a homosexual, then yes … But you shouldn’t use that word!"

The one in purple sweat suit said, "Faggots are an offense to God. You need to be a real man, the way God intended."

Then the man asked Wyler if he was wearing "Some kind of faggot-ass bikini? You know this is a gym, right?"

"I was swimming," Wyler answered. "This is what swimmers wear."

His antagonizer said, "That’s what faggots wear."

Wyler angrily responded, "And that purple sweat-suit is what…"

Yes, Wyler dropped the N bomb to describe the fashion choice of his sauna mates.
"And then I quickly ran for my life," Wyler said.

Wyler also posted images of him naked and kissing a gorgeous African-American man. And on Tuesday, he posted an apology if he offended anyone — but said that his apology didn’t apply to the fat man in the purple sweat suit.

Marc Jacobs engaged
Marc Jacobs and his lover Lorenzo Martone are getting ready to tie the knot. The designer and his Brazillian ad executive boyfriend  have been together for about a year. Although no wedding date has yet been set for the happy couple, Jacobs and Martone declared their engagement on Wednesday and have the rings to prove it.

Bernhard and friends remember Bruce
You haven’t seen this many comedians in one movie since "The Aristocrats," but director Elan Gale has put together an extraordinary lineup of interviewees for "Looking for Lenny," a movie that explores the cultural, comic and legal legacy of the legendary Lenny Bruce.

Lesbian comedy goddess Sandra Bernhard gives her two cents.

So does Roseanne, Phyllis Diller, Jon Lovitz, Lewis Black, Jeffrey Ross, Christopher Titus, Lisa Lampanelli, Mort Sahl and Henry Rollins.

"Looking for Lenny" is slated for a 2009 release, so if you’re a fan of controversial comedy, start keeping an eye peeled for it at a film festival or arthouse near you.

Mischa Barton’s model behavior
If "America’s Next Top Model" and "Make Me a Supermodel" have taught us anything — besides how to smile with our eyes, that is — it’s that you can’t assemble a house full of models without at least a little bit of queer sizzle on top of the  catfights. "A Beautiful Life" is a new CW pilot from producer (and former model) Ashton Kutcher.

The show revolves around a group of extra-young mannequins of both sexes sharing a residence in New York City, with "The O.C." star Mischa Barton acting as a supermodel doing everything she can to stay on top of her game.

Given Barton’s current off-camera job as one of’s favorite fashion victims, it’s fitting that she’ll play a runway queen.
‘Sopranos’ creator chronicles Hollywood
"The Sopranos" will probably rank among TV’s greatest — even if the show’s enigmatic finale gave "The L Word" permission to go totally bonkers and resolution-free in its last season.

So it’s exciting to hear news about a new project from David Chase, who created that mob saga for HBO.

Even more thrilling is the fact that it’s a miniseries about the history of Hollywood, with fictional characters rubbing elbows with the likes of Bette Davis and D.W. Griffith.

"A Ribbon of Dreams" explores the magic and mayhem of the movie business all the way from 1913 to the present day — which all but guarantees a healthy heaping of the gays and lesbians without whom Tinseltown wouldn’t even exist.

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