Station 4 - its mega.
Station 4 – it’s mega.

Today, over at the Bay Area Reporter online, Matthew S. Bajko writes up Dallas and all its gay goodness. Bajko paints a decent picture but he did include a couple of points that offered slight surprise.

Even San Francisco’s most famous gay politician, Harvey Milk, has a Dallas connection.

Milk was known to have lived in Dallas for several years during the late 1950s, and recently, the local gay paper the Dallas Voice reported he also lived there in 1969 at the apartment complex known as Turtle Creek Gardens at 2525 Turtle Creek.

On behalf of John Wright’s investigative research, thanks for the props Bajko.

But I’m not sure of his impression of one whole side of the Cedar Springs strip. Or perhaps I just never saw it the way he did.

There can be found all in one mega-complex gay hangout JR’s Bar and Grill, The Rose Room drag shows, after-hours club Station 4, the men’s bar The Mining Co. and the two-level Sue Ellen’s, one of the country’s largest lesbian bars.

I dunno. “Mega-complex” sounds kinda cool.

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