Baylor University hired Linda Livingstone as its 15th president. It isn’t clear if they know she’s a woman.

The school has gone through a period of great unpleasantness as members of its football team, the Baylor Rapists, have been accused of sexual assaults and other crimes on campus.

No explanation of how Livingstone will function as president of the Baptist university, do her housework, birth her babies and keep her husband happy, all at the same time.

In a statement on behalf of the Board of Regents, Board Chair Ronald D. Murff wrote, “Dr. Livingstone brings an accomplished academic career to Baylor, combined with a strong appreciation and support of Baylor’s mission. A longtime Baptist and former Baylor faculty member, she has a passion for the distinctiveness of Baylor’s Christian mission in higher education.”

That is quite worrisome, because for the past several years, under the leadership of President Ken Starr, the mission seemed to be to protect football players at all costs.

And, as the press release points out, chartered in 1845, “Baylor is the oldest continually operating university in the state.” Oldest in years or oldest in its attitude toward women and the LGBT community? (The school sued its LGBT alumni for using “Baylor Pride” to raise money for the school. GAY money. FOR THE SCHOOL.) Baylor appeared for years on the Princeton list of most homophobic schools.

So, congratulations, Dr. Livingstone. Our best advice to you is, don’t tell anyone you’re a woman.