So many news organizations are getting coverage of the proposed Ugandan genocide of gays and lesbians wrong.

Today, the British journalists’ union criticized the BBC over their coverage.

The U.K. Guardian reports that BBC World Service has posted a discussion to debate whether or not gay people should be executed.

Should we post a discussion about whether the head of the BBC should be killed?

Of course not. That is simply irresponsible. Then why would the BBC post a discussion about whether I should be executed?

The BBC is publicly funded by a tax paid by all British citizens including gays and lesbians. Is the BBC proposing that those citizens should be murdered?

Or is the justification for the argument that the lives of Ugandan gays and lesbians are worth less than British gays and lesbians?

A news organization has an obligation to report facts and not make them up like Fox News does. A news organization may print opinion and label it as such. We do that on our Viewpoints page. We print opinion here in Instant Tea. But even opinion pages do not promote morally, ethically, legally criminal, abominable acts of murder.

Any responsible news organization has an obligation to call genocide what it is and under no circumstances should there be an online debate about whether that genocide is OK. It’s not.

UPDATE: BBC apologizes

Peter Horrocks, director of BBC World Service, apologized for a headline and for offense we may have taken at a debate hosted by his site over whether gays and lesbians should be executed.

I’m not sure he thinks debating whether gays and lesbians should be executed is wrong. He’s certainly sorry gays and lesbians were offended and sorry for the offensive headline, but apparently there is still room to debate whether Ugandan gays and lesbians have committed a capital mobiоптимизация web сайта оптимизаторы