Dallas Eagle’s Bear of the Year winner Brian Brown paws his way into TBRU


FEED THE BEAR | Brian Brown preps for the onslaught of bears headed for the Spring Break-themed Texas Bear Round-Up 17: Bears Gone Wild. (Arnold Wayne Jones/Dallas Voice)

The Dallas Eagle’s Bear of the Month contest is a bragging-rights contest culminating in the Bear of the Year title. The contest isn’t a prerequisite to another title, like Mr. Texas Leather, nor does it uphold a platform — it’s all meant in good fun. But with Texas Bear Round-Up 17 this weekend, we thought we’d take winner Brian Brown, 37, to task as the bearer of the title and see how he will represent the bears of Dallas — or at least use the title to his advantage.

— Rich Lopez

Dallas Voice: Belated congratulations! What was it like being named Bear of the Year?  Brown: We paraded in front of everyone, answered the “drag queen” questions and then the panel voted. I was totally surprised when they announced my name as the winner!

What made you enter the contest? I showed up and wondered why there were so many guys in the bar on a Thursday. Bear nights are not usually packed. When I heard there was money being given away, I entered. I am not a shy person at all and I do enjoy these contests. They seem like an ego boost, but also a chance to check out other hot guys. So I entered and had an amazing time!

What do you think gave you your winning edge?  After the contest was over, I heard that it was my genuine nature that won it for me, and the fact that I can laugh at myself. I was just up there having fun. But I actually thought the winner was gonna be someone else!

Yeah, ’cause you won. How will you be representin’ for bears in 2012?  I jokingly say my platform is hot men and cheap beer for all! “Bear” can be very nebulous for many. I want it to mean inclusiveness, masculinity and Pride. I have been on my soapbox for many years about body hair being a beautiful thing. I am glad to see the scruffy look back and body hair showing up in ads now.

Tell us about Brian Brown outside the bear world.  I moved here in 1998 after graduating Texas Tech with my B.B.A in management information systems. I worked for KPMG and got my first feel for IT consulting and traveling. I loved seeing other cities and gay bars around the U.S.; now I have my own business, Time Attendance Professional, and love making money for myself! I sing in the Turtle Creek Chorale and I love camping at Rainbow Ranch.

When did you first realize you were a bear?  After college, I got introduced to the bear world through attending parties and events. After realizing how accepting the community was, it was easy to call myself one. Dallas seems to be a little slower to develop its bear community. We have different hangouts but if you go to the mainstream areas, not too many eyes fall upon you. This city comes across as a hairless and skinny-obsessed scene.

How are you involved in Dallas’ bear community? I enjoy going to TBRU and meeting guys from all walks of life. The Dallas Bears have always been amazing at putting that together and [it] always has a very inclusive vibe. The BearDance is something newer to me, but I have gone to a few events and really have had a great time.

What do you want people to know about you? I’m fun! I firmly believe in creating your own reality and positive attitudes. These are the cornerstones of my own beliefs, and I think of myself as a motivational speaker to get this message out there. I came from an evangelical Baptist environment. I was so imprisoned with that life and having to deal with being gay, but here I am now.

Have you ever waxed anything off?  I did wax my back in college even though my boyfriend told me not to, but I thought back hair wasn’t pretty. Oh my God! It hurt like nobody’s business. The back of the neck was the worst because it felt like they were pulling my brain stem out.

How will being BOTY affect your Scruff profile? Are you gonna work it?  I am a natural flirt and that is a constant. I do want to work on my physique and become more of a musclebear! As someone that is more now in the public eye, I think a degree of safety and dignity needs to happen so I’m not just a tramp.

Who’s your dream bear? Bradley Cooper is dreamy gorgeous. He is my husband.

Waitaminit? Bradley Cooper — the jocky, pretty boy actor — is your dream bear?  I know! I’m attracted to big musclebears and the hairier the better, but every ounce of him is just perfect.

That could cost you your title.




Sean Dickson, better known as DJ HiFi Sean, headlines at the Big D BearDance, which comes to Station 4 on Friday, with DJ Rob from 8 to 10 p.m., and Sean on hand till 4 a.m. Read an interview with the spinner on

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition March 16, 2012.