The San Francisco MovieBears — a Bay Area movie group for bears, cubs and their admirers — is boycotting Plano-based Cinemark Corp. over CEO Alan J. Stock’s support for Proposition 8, the constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage in California. Stock, a member of the Mormon church, contributed $9,999 to a political action committee supporting Prop 8. Cinemark also operates the Century, CinéArts and Tinseltown Theater chains. San Franisco MovieBears also notes that according to Forbes, Stock’s annual income is $7.9 million, meaning his tithing to the church would be $790,000 per year. The Mormon church has been widely blamed for passage of Prop 8, because it encouraged members to make financial contributions to PACs supporting the ban. All told, Mormons are believed to have contributed $22 million to PACs supporting Prop 8, or 77 percent of the total they raised. According to the San Francisco MovieBears Web site, the group also has chapters in Seattle, London, Cincinnati, Fort Lauderdale, Minneapolis, Washington D.C., Phoenix and Chicago.

“We need to teach corporations that if they want to encourage homophobia and hate in the state of California — or any state — that they can pay for it fiscally across the United States, or in any place that they operate. We need your help to do that,” the San Francisco MovieBears said in an e-mail distributed to members nationwide.

UPDATE: Click here to read the latest from The Los Angeles Times about boycotts of Cinemark and other businesses over their support for Prop 8. Also, AmericaBlog actually deserves credit for breaking this story.
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