Panty Raid presented “Beauty and the Butch” on Friday, May 3, at Sue Ellen’s. A variety show hosted by Lillith Grey, “Beauty and the Butch” featured a multifaceted lineup of queer talent, including live music, burlesque, drag, spoken word, queerlesque and a host of other acts, as part of a kickoff to celebrate Butchfest.

Featured artists included Summer Sunshine, Artemis Rose, Mitchell McLuvin, Tequila Mockingbird, Liz Vicious, Ahsely Boucher, Sophie Sweetcheeks, One Erection, Oliver CLothesoff, Fun Size and CRISDEE.

Butchfest was a weekend-long celebration of lesbians and queers who identify as tomboys, butches, studs, machas, aggressives, bois, genderqueers, transmen, two-spirits, and all other identities masculine of center.

More photos below.