Bentayga: The SUV you never knew you always wanted


Few brands conjure well-heeled elegance the way Bentley does. The name is practically synonymous with luxury. And when you think of performance, styling, sophistication, you can see the Bentley driver in your mind’s eye.

What you probably never saw was an SUV. How could the epitome of domesticity jibe with the independent bravado of a Bentley? The answer is the Bentayga. Malcolm Gage with Bentley Dallas touts the model as the world’s first ultra-luxury SUV. And it certainly seems like that’s exactly what it is.

It’s everything you expect in a Bentley. The interior is a sea of fine-stitched leather and cutting-edge digital technology. (Try parking in reverse, and be dazzled by the overhead rear-view that suggests satellite imaging.) The interior is roomy and the chassis effortlessly lowers to allow ease of entry. Then, you get it on the road. And that’s when you’re convinced your in one of the finest automobiles out there.

bentley-bentayga4The handling is more racecar than soccer-mom people-mover; we easily got up to well over 100 mph on the straightaway, and the mechanics swiftly adjusted to minimize wind resistance and stabilize the ride — you’d swear you were with an old lady driving to church, except the Porsches in the next lane disappear into your side-mirror immediately.

The customization possibilities are amazing as well, from the finishing touches of the interior to add-ons like a Breitling watch. You pay for such accoutrements, no doubt. Then again, if you’re in the market for a Bentley, prices probably isn’t the deciding factor.

You want exclusivity, prestige, performance. And you can’t do better than this. Available at Bentley Dallas, 5300 Lemmon Ave.

— Arnold Wayne Jones

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition November 4, 2016.