Saturday 10.10


Texas Latino Gay Pride returns to Reverchon

Think Pride is over? It’s not. Not only is National Coming Out Day on Sunday, but Saturday is the second annual Texas Latino Gay Pride celebration. DJ Nonsense and DJ Mateo will spin with live music, food and other vendors, and it’s all free.

Reverchon Park
3505 Maple Ave.
3–10 p.m.

Friday 10.09 —Saturday 10.24


‘Dear Liar’ revels in the lost art of letter writing

OMG it’s totes true that back in the day, there were, like, NO EMOJIS! LOL! Peeps didn’t text 🙁 Instead, they composed handwritten letters to one another — none more elegantly that famed queer Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw (Alan Pollard) and his friend Mrs. Patrick Campbell (Lisa Fairchild), she of the aphorism, “Does it really matter what [homosexuals] do, so long as they don’t do it in the streets and frighten the horses?” Their deep relationship is revealed in the epistolary play Dear Liar, now at the Bath House Cultural Center.

Bath House Cultural Center
521 E. Lawther Drive
Through Oct. 24

Friday 10.09 & Saturday 10.10


Chorale goes to the Heartland

The Turtle Creek Chorale is entering its 36th season with tons of energy and focus, all of which they will bring to bear with the debut concert of the year, Heartland, featuring music from the Great American Songbook as well as performances with the chorale’s Partners in Harmony, all led by artistic directed Sean Baugh.

City Performance Hall
2520 Flora St.
7:30 p.m.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition October 9, 2015.