Friday 12.26


Skrillex headlines major EDM show, Lights All Night

Electronic Dance Music — EDM — is about the hottest thing going these days, and folks like Skrillex, pictured, and Armin van Buren are burning up the dancefloors with their tracks. Both will be headliners at Lights All Night, which brings more than four dozen musical artists to North Texas for an off-the-hook party that will make New Year’s Eve a few days later seem like an after-thought.

Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center
600 S. Griffin St.
Dec. 26–27. $85–$225.

Friday 12.26


Honey Pot comes out of hibernation for Midwinter Dream

It’s still winter, but the bears are coming out anyway. It’s HoneyPot’s latest furrlicious party at the Dallas Eagle, Midwinter Dream. Featuring entertainment from DJ Perry and DJ Woofy B, pictured, this post-Christmas celebration welcome cubs, wolves, grizzlies … and anyone who likes a little meat and fur on their men.

Dallas Eagle
5740 Maple Ave.
9 p.m.–2 a.m.
$5 suggested donation at the door.
Winter white clothing encouraged!

Tuesday 12.30



Quirky trio Blue Man Group returns to Winspear

They make music, but don’t deliver a concert. They perform wordlessly, but don’t dance. They are comics who don’t utter a word. And they are blue … and not just because of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Personally, I’ve never exactly grooved to the appeal of the Blue Man Group, a weird, mixed-media display of whimsy and light and neon-colored flesh, but this enduring act (especially Vegas and NYC) has attracted audiences for decades. They settle in for a week-long stint back at the Winspear.

Winspear Opera House
2403 Flora St.
Dec. 30–Jan. 4.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition December 26, 2014.