Friday 08.13

No sex is definitely a Greek tragedy
Stage director Andi Allen is famous for her quirky theater work. This time she mixes classic Greek comedy with Indian cinema. She and Bill Fountain direct A Bollywood Lysistrata which retells the classic story of women holding out on sex until their men stop warring. Only now it has dance numbers and extravagant costumes. Loving it already.

DEETS: KD Studios Theater, 2600 N. Stemmons Expressway. 8 p.m. $20.

Saturday 08.14

These ladies serve up the blues
There are so many things right about Jevette’s song “Big Girls.” The girl power message and the bluesy backdrop give the tune a hefty amount of flavor, but it’s Jevette’s voice that kills. She joins a cast of local female musicians at the Texas Blue Review and silent auction benefiting Genesis House. Expect greatness

DEETS: The Bone, 2724 Elm St. 8 p.m. No cover.

Sunday 08.15

Crowns instead of ten-gallon hats
The Big D Rodeo King and Queen will be crowned to start getting us in the mood for the actual rodeo later in September. Expect the usual in a pageant, but know that the best part is always the Q & A.

DEETS: Round-Up Saloon, 3912 Cedar Springs Road. 7 p.m.