Education Secretary Betsy DeVos

Had we listened to former Gov. Rick Perry in the 2012 campaign and eliminated the Department of Education, the country wouldn’t be facing the threat to public education Betsy DeVos has promised. Reaction to her nomination and confirmation have been harsh.

“Although members of the House cannot vote on the confirmation of Cabinet Secretaries, Betsy DeVos would not have received my support to be our next Education Secretary,” Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson said. “Throughout her confirmation process, Ms. DeVos demonstrated a deep lack of understanding of matters fundamental to education policy and her record provides no reprieve for such concern. Going forward, however, Ms. DeVos will be the Education Secretary, but I do hope that this historically contentious confirmation process will give her pause to reflect and reconsider her approach to the Department of Education. Additionally that she takes seriously the Agency’s mission to provide every child in America the access to a quality public education they all deserve. I believe that it would be in her best interest to take into careful consideration the concerns of many members of Congress and those expressed by millions of Americans about her role as the future steward of our children’s future if she is to effectively carry out the duties of the Secretary.”

Human Rights Campaign wrote, “While this vote is disappointing, we certainly hope our substantial concerns about her commitment to maintaining and advancing protections for LGBTQ students are disproven.”

Prior to confirmation, Lambda Legal wrote, “Another supporter of mean-spirited, anti-LGBT policies is about to enter the White House — and she’s going to be in charge of our kids’ educations.”