Dan Ramos

Nearly two months after he compared gay Democrats to “termites” and “the fuckin’ Nazi Party,” Bexar County Democratic Party Chairman Dan Ramos was removed from office tonight. The party’s executive committee voted 104-5 to remove Ramos, in part for his anti-gay comments, and will select a new party chair later this month. The San Antonio News-Express reports:

Members leaped to their feet and cheered when they achieved a quorum sufficient to conduct the removal vote. None of the five members who cast nay votes spoke in Ramos’ defense. Some had concerns about the legality of the removal process.

A May 17 meeting was set to choose a new county chair.

On April 16, a trial committee heard evidence against Ramos and unanimously agreed Ramos was guilty of all 10 charges lodged against him, including allegations that he made bigoted comments about gays and failed to perform duties.