Guerilla Gay Bar is a relatively new thing in Dallas. But it has become pretty popular pretty quick.

It’s a once-a-month event where organizers choose a straight bar and then coordinate a group of gays and lesbians to go there one evening and party.

Guerilla Queer Bar in Washington, D.C. has been around for five years, and is pretty popular there, too. But last Friday, after 48 events in 43 different straight bar,  the D.C. group held their final straight bar “invasion.”

You can read about it here in the Washington Post’s article about the event.

Guerilla Queer Bar D.C.’s three co-founders told the Post they had “simply outgrown” the event. They said they are all in relationships now, and are just too busy to keep on planning the monthly party. It’s also possible, the article muses, that D.C.’s community might have outgrown it, too..

But, they agree, it was fun while it lasted.

And in Dallas, the fun continues. Guerilla Gay Bar Dallas celebrates its one-year anniversary on May 8, but before then, there’s April’s party: The theme is “Back in Black,” and it’s set for Friday, April 17. And you can go to for details.

So until then, as they say in D.C., “We’re here! W’re queer. We want a beer!”games mobiпродвижение сайта под гугл