Bill Munoz (pictured above), the longtime owner of the gay bar Bill’s Hideaway on Buena Vista Street in Dallas, contacted me Thursday afternoon after my story about the bar’s closure had already gone to press. Munoz was responding to a phone message I’d left for him on Wednesday.
In the story, I reported that one of Munoz’s family members said Munoz planned to try to reopen the Hideaway. But according to Munoz, that’s not the case.
Munoz said it’s true that he was in an auto accident about three months ago and is still recovering, and he said a doctor’s appointment prevented him from getting back to me right away.
Munoz, 60, said he’s in his native Oklahoma with his family, helping his elderly father after his mother recently passed away. Munoz also said he’s retired from the bar business and has no plans to return as the owner of Bill’s Hideaway, which he started in 1983.
“I’ve wanted out of it or a long time. I’ve been there 26 years, and that’s too long in the bar business,” Munoz said.
“I took my [liquor] license off the wall and turned it into TABC and walked away and said I’m through,” he said. “I lost my mom, and my dad’s 85, and I wanted to take a break and get away from all the gossip and all the questions and everything that goes on when you close a business after that many years.”
Munoz didn’t have anything nice to say about his business partner of the last few years, Paul Minze. Then again, Minze didn’t have anything nice to say about Munoz when I talked to him the other day, either.
Munoz and Minze also offered differing accounts of the circumstances that led to the bar’s closure.
In any case, Minze said he’s reopened the bar with limited hours and is the process of trying to obtain a new liquor license. But currently he’s unable to serve beer, wine or liquor.
Munoz, meanwhile, said he eventually plans to come back to Dallas, where he still has a residence. He also said if it doesn’t work out for Minze, he may be willing to assist someone else with the bar.
“There are a couple people interested, and if they want to pursue it, I told them I would help them, and maybe have my thumb in the pie, but that’s nothing definite at all,” Munoz said. “There’s a lot of people [customers] who love the Hideaway who would definitely come back. It’s known all over the world.”анализ кода сайтазаказ продвижения сайтов