Provost, in pink, and Houser, far right

Cafe Momentum was one of my top new restaurants for 2015, and it’s not just that the food is good, but that the mission is to teach at-risk youth a profession. On Sunday, Cafe Momentum’s co-founders, Chad Houser and Janice Provost (Oak Lawn’s Parigi), are being honored by El Centro Community College’s Food and Hospitality Institute. (We’re big fans of the institute, as well, which embraces teaching about vegan recipes and has taught many notable local chefs, such as Tiffany Derry.)

You can support these heroes of the local food scene by purchasing a ticket to the event — the 8th annual Bits and Bites fundraiser — here. It takes place April 10  from 4–7 p.m. with lots of food and drink supporting a good cause. Bon appetite!