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The Dallas Legal Hospice was one of 20 beneficiaries who shared about $600,000 in proceeds from the 2005 Black Tie Dinner. The annual event has raised more than $9.1 million in its first 24 years.

The Dallas-Fort Worth Black Tie Dinner will hold a mandatory orientation meeting for organizations that want to apply to become beneficiaries of the 2006 dinner, officials said.

The 2006 dinner will be held on Nov. 11.

The Black Tie Dinner board selects up to 20 GLBT and GLBT-supportive organizations each to share half the proceeds from the dinner. The other half goes to the Human Rights Campaign Foundation.

Organizations chosen as beneficiaries participate by selling tickets to the dinner and providing volunteers for the event. The meeting is set for 7 p.m. on Feb. 28, in the Seminar Theater at the Adams Mark Hotel. Board members will explain the application process, forms and deadlines. Completed beneficiary applications are due by 5 p.m. on March 15.

Once the applications are turned in, board members review them and choose the beneficiaries for the year.

“Our beneficiaries are the true stars of the Black Tie Dinner. Distributing funds to them is the single most important thing we do,” said Tom Phipps, senior co-chair of the dinner committee.

Deiadra Burns, who serves as co-chair with Phipps, added, “We know the funds distributed to our beneficiaries bring joy, life and comfort to many within our community. All of our efforts are for our beneficiaries.”
The first Black Tie Dinner, held in 1982, had 140 attendees and raised $6,000. In the 24 years since, the event has raised more than $9.1 million. The 2005 dinner, featuring guest speaker Lily Tomlin and Birch Award winner Sharon Stone, raised a record $1.24 million.

For more information about the Black Tie Dinner, this year’s event or the beneficiary application process call 972-733-9200 or visit the website at

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A name was misspelled in last week’s report of Freedom to Marry Week activities planned in Houston by the Foundation for Family and Marriage Equality. The correct spelling of the foundation’s co-creator is Christopher Bown.

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