About 200 people attended the 4th annual Black Transmen’s Conference held in Dallas  28-May4. The conference was run by Dallas-based Black Transmen, founded by Carter and Espy Brown.

Two daughters of a transman, ages 12 and 21, gave invaluable advise that’s applicable to all LGBT families. In a question-and-answer session, they were asked, “What would you tell a child whose parent is about to transition?”

The answer applies to children with a parent who recently came out as gay or lesbian and the advise was simple: “If you’re in a good school, go to a counselor,” one daughter said. “Talk to your parents about it. And parents, talk to your kids.”

They acknowledged being lucky that they had a close family that always talked and they were in good schools with qualified counselors when one of their moms transitioned and became their dad.