By Associated Press

Mayor issues statement in response to assemblyman who said memorial should honor only Jewish victims

NEW YORK — A Holocaust memorial in Brooklyn rightly honors all victims of Nazi persecution, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Monday, June 8, refuting comments by a state assemblyman who opposes markers at the memorial honoring victims other than Jews.

"All lives are precious and we don’t value any one group any more than others," Bloomberg said. "Yes, the Jews paid a terrible price, but there were others killed.

"There’s nothing wrong with memorializing and reminding the next generations going forward of the terrible tragedy that took place and to make sure that they understand discrimination and genocide against any one group invariably leads to genocide among other groups."

State Assemblyman Dov Hikind, whose mother is a Holocaust survivor, on Sunday, June 7 protested city plans to add small markers to the memorial honoring the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the disabled, political prisoners, gypsies and gays and lesbians who were targeted for death by the Nazis. The groups are mentioned on the main monument at the site.

On Monday, Hikind said the Holocaust is a very specific reference to what Jews experienced. He said adding the markers "diminishes and dilutes and takes away from the Holocaust."topodinоптимизация веб сайтов цена