Chef Blythe Beck will continue on at Kitchen LTO in Trinity Groves

The concept of restaurateur Casie Caldwell’s Kitchen LTO — where the “LTO” stands for “limited time only” — was to swap out chefs every four months so that the restaurant is continually reinventing itself. But when chef Blythe Beck took over at the beginning of October, it seemed like an especially good fit, so she started at campaign: “Keep Blythe” became its own local meme, and a Facebook page was even set up to keep her on through May 2015 … as long as she got at least 1,000 “likes” before the end of the year. As of yesterday, the number hit nearly 1,100, and so it’s official: Beck will continue on another four months at the Trinity Groves location. So if you haven’t enjoyed her naughty cuisine yet, you have more time to. And if you have, there’s always room for another visit.