My-princess-boyHood County’s library will not ban two gay-themed books from its library.

Citing a court decision written by the late Judge Jerry Buchmeyer that prevents a small group of people from dictating what books are available in a public library, Hood County commissioners did not vote but listened to residents. In the end, the books in question — My Princess Boy and This Day in June — will remain on the shelves.

Dallas Public Library District Manager Peter Coyl attended the meeting and said the most touching story came from a mother who talked about her own “princess boy” and said she wished she had the book available for him when he was a child.

Another mother, though, said her four-year-old son asked questions she was not prepared to answer.

One commissioner noted the book had been in the library four years and the complaints just started last week. Buchmeyer’s decision addresses exactly that sort of protest that is organized against a particular book and not really complaints after reading the book.

Hood County is also where a county clerk was particularly belligerent about having to obey the Supreme Court’s marriage equality decision.