Last year, in August of 2009, I reported on some good news from Bowling Green Ohio:

yesterday, progress was made in Ohio. Bowling Green banned discrimination yesterday in several key areas — and the new laws are inclusive. From Equality Ohio’s press release:

At the standing room only Bowling Green City Council meeting on Monday evening, August 17, 2009, Council members voted with bi-partisan support to enact a Human Rights Ordinance banning discrimination in Bowling Green based on sexual orientation and gender identity in employment and public accommodation. The ordinance passed 6-1. A separate ordinance banning discrimination in housing passed unanimously.

Because the religious right haters want discrimination, they’re forcing a vote on whether to repeal those two new ordinances. Yes, they can’t accept something as basic as non-discrimination in employment and housing. They really hate us and want us to face discrimination. And, we wonder why young lgbt kids are killing themselves.

The bad guys include the notorious Alliance Defense Fund, which houses some of the biggest homophobic creeps around. For example, just last week, that Michigan AG Andrew Shirvell, who was obsessed and creepily stalking the young gay student body president Chris Armstrong, credited the Alliance Defense Fund for going after Armstrong first:

In fact, long before I started the blog, a couple of weeks before that, the Alliance Defense Fund, a well-known legal Christian foundation, put out an alert about Chris.

ADF has been putting out alerts about Bowling Green, too. The website of the campaign to repeal the laws is filled with the usual circa-1970 anti-gay rhetoric. It’s repulsive.

The good guys trying to prevent repeal are running a campaign called ONE Bowling Green:

ONE Bowling Green is the local ballot question campaign formed to urge Bowling Green, Ohio voters to approve Ordinances 7905 and 7906 by voting YES on both ordinances during the November 2, 2010 election cycle.

To learn more about the ordinances, click here.

ONE Bowling Green is a community campaign driven by local volunteers and expertise. Our coalition is made of individuals and groups who love and care about Bowling Green and represent the diversity and the values of our community.

ONE Bowling Green represents the best of Bowling Green’s values— fairness, equal treatment, the recognition that discrimination is wrong, and a belief that our community is a place that cares about ALL our neighbors and everyone who comes to work, live, play and go to school in our community.

ONE Bowling Green needs our help. Financially. If you want to make sure your campaign dollars are going directly to the fight for equality this fall, donate to ONE Bowling Green. I just did.

ONE Bowling Green needs to raise ,000 in the next few days to fight the ad campaign funded by the likes of the Alliance Defense Fund.

We can’t let the bastards win.